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Can an Indian sumptuous meal be complete without a sweet dish? Be it a marriage or a small celebration at home, the function is incomplete without treating the sweet tooth.

Indian desserts are predominantly made from milk and milk products or from fruits and vegetables. Tantalize your taste buds with the Haldirams range of sweets prepared in the most authentic way. Trapped inside the Haldirams International quality box is the aromatic magic of India, thereby bringing the taste of India closer to even those settled abroad. Explore the wide range of sweets in our categories of Frozen Sweets, Tin Sweets, Everyday Sweets, and Fresh Sweets.

 Frozen Sweets

  • Besan Ladoo
  • Chocolate Burfee
  • Coconut Burfee
  • Dodha Burfee
  • Dry Fruit Kachori
  • Dry Petha
  • Kaju Burfi
  • Moong Dal Burfee
  • Moti Choor Ladoo
  • Moti Pak
  • Pinni
  • Pista Burfee
  • Plain Burfee
  • Rasmalai

 Ready to Eat Sweets

  • Cham Cham
  • Gulab Jamun
  • Kalam Petha
  • Kesar Ganderi
  • Kesar Rasbhari
  • Raj Bhog
  • Rasgulla
  • Rasmalai
  • Rasmalai

 Everyday Sweets

  • Assorted Chikky
  • Karachi Halwa
  • Soan Cake
  • Soan Papdi
  • Soan Papdi Chocolate
  • Soan Papdi
  • Soan Papdi Orange
  • Soan Papdi Premium


It's when the spices, salt and entire gamut of ingredients combine together, the Indian Namkeens comes into existence.  In the recent times the Indian snacks platter has expanded more than just Samosas and Chaats. The various products offered by Haldirams under this category are a close encounter with the spices of India.

The elaborate range of Haldirams Namkeens ensures we satisfy every taste palate. From regular Bhujias to exotic Mixtures there are more than 20 varieties to choose from. Haldirams Namkeens have a dedicated shelf and range of Gujarati and South Indian Namkeens which are very ethnic snacks from West and South India.


  • Aloo Bhujia
  • Bhujia
  • Chili Chatak Lachha
  • Long Sev
  • Methi Sev
  • Mint Lachha
  • Nimbu Masala
  • Plain Bhujia
  • Teekha Sev
  • Punjabi Tadka


  • All in One
  • Bombay Mixture
  • Cornflakes Mixture
  • Dal Biji
  • Hara Chiwda
  • Kaju Mixture
  • Karanchy Mixture
  • Kashmeri Mixture
  • Khatta Meetha
  • Navrattan
  • Panchrattan
  • Shahi_Mixture

 Gujarati Special

  • Falahari Mixture
  • Gathiya
  • Gujarti Mixture
  • Halka Phulka Mixture
  • Mini Bhakhar Badi
  • Nylon Sev

 South Indian Special

  • Banana Chips
  • Banana Chips Salted
  • Banana Chips Tangy
  • Chakoli
  • Madrasi Mixture
  • Murukku


The word translates into ‘with salt’. But there is plenty that is lost in this translation. Only when the spices, salt and entire gamut of ingredients come together to create a taste that can never be substituted, that savouries are created.

Haldirams was first to pack Indian Savouries following the international quality standards. Today we have perfected and packed over a dozen varieties, which are equally popular with Indians living abroad. Our Savouries and Namkeens are available in super market chains like Tesco, Sommerfield, Carrefour, Spinneys and are one of the hottest selling items on the ethnic shelf.


  • Bombay Chana
  • Chana Dal
  • Chana Jor Garam
  • Kabuli Chana
  • Masala Moong Dal
  • Moong Dal

 Tea Snacks

  • Boondi Masala
  • Boondi Plain
  • Chaipuri
  • Mathri
  • Samosa


  • Bhel on Move
  • Bhel Puri
  • Pani Puri

Ready To Eat

As a food company with chain of popular eateries in the city we know what pleases the Indian palate. And that is what makes our ready to eats so popular. A basic Indian meal usually consists of rice and helping of lentils and vegetables. Our complete meal range offers plain or lightly garnished rice with hearty and immensely popular dishes such as Rajma, Dal Tadka, Mutter Paneer, and Kadhi Pakoda. All one has to do is heat a pack and have a complete meal that lacs neither in taste nor nutrition.

Are you panicking about your friends or relatives visiting your place on a short notice? Not now, because we have a solution to offer. The range of Haldirams Ready to Eat will help you serve the famous Indian dishes within few minutes still retaining the taste which one would always long for.


  • Pav Bhaji


  • Aloo Mutter
  • Aloo Palak
  • Bhindi Masala
  • Choley
  • Dum Aloo
  • Kadhai Paneer
  • Mutter Paneer
  • Navrattan Mix Veg
  • Palak Paneer
  • Paneer Makhni
  • Punjabi Kadi Pakoda
  • Rajma Raseela
  • Yellow Dal Tadka


  • Dal Chawal Tadka
  • Hyderabadi Biryani

Combo Meals

  • Choley & Jeera Rice
  • Dal Makhni & Peas Pulao
  • Kadhi Pakoda & Jeera Rice
  • Rajma with Jeera Rice
  • Shahi Paneer & Plain Rice
  • Yellow dal & Plian Rice

Frozen Food

As the most savored Indian brand across the world, the taste of Haldirams is as fabled and eternal as revered symbols of great Indian appetite. Rich with authentic culinary heritage, Haldirams is proud to present its delicious new range of Minute Khana Frozen Indian delicacies. Cooking was never so easy!

Some sweets taste better when served frozen. Pick your choice from delicious range of the famous variants of Barfees & Ladoos and the mixed sweet packs. Enriched with authentic and fresh ingredients, it rightly stands for Indian passion for great taste, packed just right. Choose from exquisite range of Indian Curries, Indian Breads and Indian Snacks, and get ready to treat yourself with the most authentic Indian tastes.


  • Ajwain Paratha
  • Aloo Kulcha
  • Aloo Paratha
  • Gobhi Paratha
  • Home Style Paratha
  • Mix Veg Paratha
  • Paneer Paratha
  • Tandoori Garlic Naan


  • Bhindi Masala
  • Dal Makhani
  • Hyderabadi Biryani
  • Malai Kofta
  • Mix Veg Curry
  • Palak Paneer
  • Punjabi Choley


  • Aloo Tikki
  • Dal Kachori
  • Mutter Kachori
  • Paneer Pakoda
  • Paneer Tikka
  • Punjabi Samosa


India, the land of milk, honey, spices, and a multi-flavored history has a range of sweets. Each sweet that finds a place ojnf the confectioner's shelf has its own following. At Haldirams we use international quality packaging to carry forward the tradition of the great sweet makers.

At Haldirams we keep in pace with the changing times. We not only ‘make-n-serve’ exotic and ethnic Indian sweets but also ‘bake-n-serve’ interesting conventional sweets like Cookies and Chocolates, with authentic Indian flavors.


  • Ajwain Cookies
  • Almond Cookies
  • Assorted Cookies
  • Atta Cookies
  • Butter Orange Cookies
  • Coconut Cookies
  • Coffee Cashew Cookies
  • Jeera Cookies
  • Kaju Pista Cookies


India moves at the speed of a million opinions a minute. And everywhere accompanying this great vivacity is a range of food that defies categories. They exist simply as chips, nuts, crispies and munchies. No one is averse to a packet of chips, not Indians in any case with their tradition of munching. Today even small shops stock and sell major brands very successfully. We have more than kept up with the times. 5 Varieties of Potato chips and newly introduced Boletos – the netted spicy potato chips are giving our peers tough competition in India already.

The non-serious food is now a serious business in India. Children in India are the best examples of what India is reaching for. Every global player worth its pack is wooing Indian children. We at Haldirams have successfully launched brands like Takatak and Whoopies, which woe our young customers with different shaped products to keep up with changing times and palates.


  • Aloo Masala
  • Chips Classic Salted
  • Chips Mast Masala
  • Chips Pudina Treat
  • Chips Sour Cream n Onion
  • Chips Tangy Tomato
  • Chips Pudina Treat
  • Chips Sour Cream n Onion
  • Chips Tangy Tomato

Taka Tak

  • Taka Tak


  • Taka Tak


  • Whoopies Chatpat Stix
  • Whoopies Chatpata Chaska
  • Whoopies Cheezi Balls
  • Whoopies Masala Balls
  • Whoopies Ticklers


  • Panga Crispy Tangy Tomato
  • Panga Tasty Chilli Chatpata
  • Panga Teekha Achaari Masala

Snac Lite

  • SnacLite Lightly Salted Twirls
  • SnacLite Lightly Spiced Twirls


All through summer and autumn, Indian love having a refreshing glass of sherbet. Sherbets are magical extracts from India exotica: green mango, the fragrant khus, rose petals or just that everyday lemonade – nimbu pani. And then there is the Thandai: a typical Indian cooling drink usually made of a variety of exotic spices and seeds. At Haldirams, we have bottled these sherbet concentrates and have successfully sold all over the world for over 10 years now. Exports of our syrups have increased by 20% since 2003 touching 18,000 bottles in 2005.

Cooling Drinks

  • Khus Syrup
  • Lemon Crush
  • SMango Panna
  • Orange Crush
  • Pineapple Crush
  • Rose Syrup

Creamy Drinks

  • Badam Kesaria
  • Thandai Kesaria


A papad or poppadum in an extra in Indian meal yet it is indispensable. The preparation of Papad calls for a delicate balance between the ingredients, and skills on part of craftsmen who is mixing them. At Haldirams we have packed all the mandatory extras so that they can travel several thousand miles to satiate this great Indian longing. Across the USA, Europe and the Middle East, people reach out for these packs in great numbers. So stock up on papads as our expert figures tell us no different story either – sales of Papads have nearly tripled since their introduction in 2004 to 18 tons.


  • Javitri Papad
  • Medium Masala Papad
  • Punjabi Masala Papad
  • Sada Papad


The peanuts, cashews and almonds are especially popular with adult population in India. They are favorite accompaniment to drinks and turn up regularly on signature platters at all the popular watering holes. The export turnover of Nut Cracker alone has increased by 147% since its introduction, touching 39 tons in 2005. Our premium category brand, Royal Temptations (roasted and spiced cashews and almonds) sell like hot cakes during the festival seasons in India and are much sought after gift items at our retail outlets.


  • Nut Cracker
  • Peanut Salted

Gift Packs

At Haldirams for years we have combined our most popular products in attractive gift packs. These are convenient, ready to gift, durable packs, a perfect choice to gift in person or send by mail for all festive occasions and whenever you feel like celebrating. Every year these packs are designed afresh so that you do not have to warp it before gifting.

Exclusive Gift Packs

  • Baked Bites
  • Chatpati Batien
  • Chocolate n cookies
  • Double Maza
  • Kabhi Khatta Kabhi Meetha
  • Mazedar Kissey
  • Meetha Chatpata
  • Meethe Meethe Pal
  • Royal Temptation
  • Royal Treat
  • Shahi Andaz
  • Snacker Cracker
  • Sweet n Nut
  • Sweet n Spicy
  • Tasty Gupshup
  • Thoda Meetha Thoda Namkeen
  • Triple Treat

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